Freedom Trailers LLC.

Custom Concession Trailers in 3 Weeks

Freedom Trailers can build Custom Concession Trailers in as little as 3 weeks’ lead time. Dealers consider how fast can your current trailer supplier build your client’s custom concession trailer?  All while still delivering the quality and attention to detail your client deserves. 


Freedom Trailers specializes in concession trailers. We offer more options than any of our competitors.

Looking for a concession trailer fit for a “BBQ Pitmaster”? We’ve got that! In fact, Pitmaster Myron Mixon owns a Freedom Trailers concession trailer and uses it regularly on the show!

Product Standards

Whether you’re looking for a 5′ wide to haul your extra stuff, a car hauler, or a concession trailer, we have the perfect enclosed cargo trailer for you. Some of our standards include: tubular framing, LED exterior ligting, .030 colored metal, ATP side door steps on all car haulers, and solar panels on all goosenecks

Made in Georgia

Freedom Trailers - American Made

Freedom Trailers enclosed cargo trailers are sold to dealers only. We do not sell to the general public. To find a dealer near you, please call our toll free number at (800) 945-1744 .

Our dealers are predominantly located throughout the Eastern U.S. However, we do have dealers in other states, including Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please give us a call or fill out an application today.